We help public and private organisations to assess, develop and implement sustainable projects in the following areas:



The largest sector of the maritime economy, it provides exceptional opportunities, but must be planned considering communities and nature.

We help regions and SME’s improve their performance and competitiveness by adapting to changing demands and sustainability criteria.


One of the main challenges for sustainable development in the Blue Economy is competition for maritime space.

We analyse current and future activities in coastal and marine space in order to plan ahead and achieve specific ecological, economic and social objectives.


Sound strategies and scientific knowledge are essential to ensure sustainable management of marine and coastal resources.

We develop tailor-made solutions to materialise policy and to bring research results closer to market. We also help to transfer knowledge and technology into practical applications for society.



The marine environment sustains life on earth, but it is subject to a vast array of pressures that need solutions.

We embed environmental awareness in everything we do, aiming to reduce the impact of human activities on the sea and to protect marine systems and resources.


The coast is home to half of the world’s population and economy, but it is one of the most vulnerable environments because of urbanisation, degradation and climate change.

We work to support projects that are environmentally sound, positive for communities and economically viable.


Sustainable management of shared resources is challenging, more so when actions and consequences are dispersed across seas and oceans, and requires broad theoretical and operational frameworks.

We help to find appropriate solutions to tackle complex challenges from local scale to large sea regions in the EU and neighbourhood countries.

Blue Networks


There is a mismatch between supply and demand for blue skills in both emerging and traditional marine sectors.

We provide interdisciplinary training opportunities for youth, professionals and entrepreneurs willing to work in the blue economy.


Users and professionals have a deep understanding of the sea, and they give the Blue Economy its real shape by driving business, science, technology and policy.

We offer a complete set of tailored and goal-oriented approaches to assess, engage and manage the most relevant stakeholders for each objective.


The maritime economy and marine processes go beyond borders, and public-private partnerships can prove particularly adequate to merge commercial, social and environmental objectives into viable projects.

We assist in finding adequate partners to meet specific objectives, and to build purposeful partnerships between business, academic and public entities.